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iPad 3 Repair Image

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Repairs

This includes the T350 T351 T355 models

We repair many iPads for individuals and for businesses including schools and hospitals.

Do you have a different model?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A LCD Replacement

  • If you have an Samsung Galaxy Tab A that is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or otherwise malfunctioning, stop by Austin Cell. Join our many happy customers who no longer try to work around a cracked or broken LCD on their Saumsung Tablet!    The price has risen due to cost of the part, If you call us we can look it up for you to see if it has come down again.

Galaxy Tab A Battery Replacment

  • As of right now, we do not have a supplier for the batteries.   Please feel free to call us or email us to see if we can locate one again.
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  • Galaxy Tab A Charge Port Repair

    • Is your Samsung Tab A having difficulty in connecting to a charger, computer, or any other device? You could be experiencing charge port issues, and we have a repair service for just that! If you are tired of fiddling with all kinds of cords, wondering why your charge port is not cooperating, stop by today- we’ll get your Samsung Tablet on the road to recovery!

    Water Damage Samsung Galaxy Tab A

      Galaxy Tab A Headphone Jack

      • If you have something headphone jack or AUX jack broken off in your phone then we can remove them most of the time with no issues.  If there is damaged due to the issue then you will need a full replacement.  99.99

      Samsung Galaxy Tab A Power Button

      • If your Samsung Galaxy Tab A power button is less than reliable, that could cause problems when you truly need to power off your device. Don’t wait another day to do something about your situation, stop by today for Samsung Tablet power button replacement services.

      Samsung Galaxy Tab A Volume Button Repair

      • Volume buttons are a crucial part to enjoying your Samsung Galaxy Tab A in its entirety. So if you are having issues with your volume buttons, stop by today to get set up with out Samsung Tablet volume button repair services!