Samsung Note Series

Samsung S6

Samsung S6 Picture
Available versions:

  • SM-G920A (AT&T)
  • SM-G920T (T-Mobile)
  • SM-G920V (Verizion)
  • SM-G920P (Sprint)

Samsung S6 Edge

Samsung S6 Edge Image
Available versions:

  • SM-G925A (AT&T)
  • SM-G925F (Global)
  • SM-G925T (T-Mobile)
  • SM-G925V (Verizion)
  • SM-G925P (Sprint)
Samsung S6 Edge Plus
Samsung S6 Edge Plus
Model number located in the settings:

  • Model G928A AT&T
  • Model G928T T-Mobile
  • Model G928V Verizion
  • Model G928P Sprint

Samsung S5

Model number back under the battery:

  • SM-G900
  • SM-G900A AT&T
  • SM-G900T T-Mobile
  • SM-G900V Verizion
  • SM-G900P Sprint

Samsung S4

Model number are under the battery:

  • I337 AT&T
  • M919 T-Mobile
  • I545 Verizion
  • L720 Sprint